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Questions About Cardboard Cactus

Asked by
joan bennett on
June 22, 2014

Q. how do i repot a cardboard cactus

I have a large, healthy cardboard cactus plant which seems to be in need of repotting. I am afraid to disturb it. What’s the safest way to repot and do I need anything special like soil, etc., etc?

Answered by
theficuswrangler on
June 24, 2014

First thing you need is to know if you really need to repot. This article on repotting will tell you a little more:
While cardboard palms are not listed as among the plants that "like" to be rootbound, I think they might be. I have a couple of them in the same pots for 8 years or more. Here's some more information on growing them:
Reasons to repot such a plant would be: so big the container can't support it; so full of roots you can't get water into it; you really want it to grow bigger.
A basic guide to repotting:
For soil, use cactus or African violet potting soil, mixed half and half with perlite. Gently tease apart the roots so that they can grow into the new soil. And wear long sleeves and heavy gloves -- cardboard palms are prickly.

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Asked by
Anonymous on
February 26, 2019

Q. Do you think my cardboard plant has a chance?

How to tell if the plant has died? We had prolonged, unusual cold in New Orleans this winter. The plant was too big to bring in so we covered the plant with sheets. Now the fronds are brown and dropping. A few fronds deeper into the pot are slightly green. Do you think I should get rid of the dead looking fronds and hope for the best, or replace it?

Answered by
Downtoearthdigs on
February 26, 2019

I would wait to remove the dead growth until the new growth is big enough to support itself. When it starts actively growing again, then you can cut the dead parts off. If there is still green then there is a chance that it can survive. This part will be a waiting game.

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