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  1. Harvesting Asian winter vegetables
Asked by CarMel02 on February 6, 2011
Harvesting Asian Winter Vegetables

I am very new at gardening and was thrilled when someone gave me plants to plant, including several “Asian vegetables”. They are thriving in my garden but now I am unsure how to harvest them. I believe that I have Bok choy and perhaps other types of plants. Do I remove the entire plant when I want to use it? How can I get these plants to continue to produce where they are?

Certified GKH Gardening Expert

Bok choy (and any Asian vegetables you are growing that look like bok choy), you will remove the entire above ground part of the plant. Just cut it off at the base. You can try leaving the roots and cut base there and once in awhile some small shoots will grow from them that you can use as "baby" versions.

In the future try succession planting, where you plant new seeds every few weeks. This will keep you with fresh veggies without feeling like they are all coming in at once.

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