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Rose plants dying

I have 6 rose plants bought about 3 months ago. They were flowering well and had good foliage. Over last couple of weeks, all leaves have dropped off and plant is turning dry. I live in Bangalore where temperature currently ranges between 20-30 degree Celsius. Plants are in balcony and they are getting sunlight. I have been giving top rose fertilizer weekly for last 1 month and watering regularly. Please advise

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#1 Comment By roseman On 10/28/2018 @ 8:56 am

Hello and thank you for your question. Well the temperatures there should not be the problem then. You did not say if the rosebushes were in pots or planted in the ground. If they are still in pots, they could be root bound as the pots are too small to keep them in indefinitely. I would recommend taking them out of the pots and planting them either in the ground or in much larger pots with drainage holes in the bottom. A pot with no drainage holes will hold water in and allow excess buildup to the point where it will rot the foot system and kill the rosebushes. If planted in the ground and showing these signs, I suggest that there is something wrong with the soils that is burning the root system or perhaps something is eating the roots. You may need to dig one up and check the root system and soils to see what is going on. If you have dogs around your area, they will sometimes pee on the bushes or the soils around them. Such things will burn the foliage and the roots, leading to the death of the bushes if not stopped. Watering them very well will help dilute the dog urine but will not stop the foliage burn if it is not washed off immediately after the incident.

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