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Indoor hanging ivy

Hi! i have an indoor ivy plant that hangs from the ceiling in my room. But it doesn’t get a lot of sunlight cause i live somewhere where there is more rain than sun. Would it be an option to buy a growlight to hang above it so it gets more “sunlight”. I gets the right amount of watering but the leaves look dried out and like it’s dying. Any tips?

The ivy i’m asking about is the bottom in the black hanging pots. Would also like to know if anyone know the name of the other plants i have hanging as they were gifts w/o a label.

Thanks a lot 🙂

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#1 Comment By BushDoctor On 04/17/2018 @ 3:11 pm

The smaller leaved one looks like a creeping jade of some sort. I am unable to identify the larger leaved plant.

As far as lighting… The only options that I could recommend here would be LED or fluorescents. This will help greatly though.

#2 Comment By MichiganDot On 04/17/2018 @ 3:16 pm

I see one potential problem. Are your plants in pots with drainage holes? Trying to grow without holes to let excess water out invites root rot. It also decreases the amount of air to the roots. Find a plastic pot that fits in your decorative pot and remove it for watering. Water only when the soil is dry when you poke your finger an inch into the soil. Water enough so that excess runs out the bottom. Ivy should be fine without much ambient light as it is used as a groundcover for shady conditions. I think you also have a pothos and swedish ivy, although I’m not sure. If those don’t match when you look them up, take a close up of unidentified plants and repost. It certainly is possible to use a standard lamp to direct light to the plants. There are special grow light bulbs and fixtures but regular lights will provide a boost as well. Plants don’t need UV light from the sun for photosynthesis.

#3 Comment By FairyDogmother On 04/22/2018 @ 6:10 am

Hi there! Consider yourself lucky, your plant on the bottom left is a Pilea peperomiodes ~ it’s THEE hot houseplant that everyone is trying to get their hands on, and willing to pay a pretty penny for! If it’s happy, it’s almost constantly growing babies on the stem or around the base which are easy to remove and plant separately. The two in the middle (top and bottom) are Hedera Helix or English Ivy species. I’ve also found that when I have them hanging up higher the leaves get crispy and the plant starts looking crappy, but in a planter on a table with frequent misting they’re very happy and look beautiful. As for the one on the far right, the other poster was correct ~ it’s a Swedish Ivy. The Ivy’s are both super easy to propagate ~ when u cut them back put the cuttings in water. They’ll have tons of healthy roots in no time and you’ll have many many more plants for free!

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