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If pepper stems fall off (for various reasons) will new ones grow back?


I am a first year gardener and have seven bell pepper plants. After my plants produced flowers, the pepper stems have been dying off and withering away! I just now realized that it is probably due to a lack of pollination. -____- However, now a majority of my plants no longer have any pepper stems! Just the leaves …..

Will new pepper stems grow?! Is there anyway the plant can still produce peppers? Or is this a fatal situation for my plants.


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3 Comments To "If pepper stems fall off (for various reasons) will new ones grow back?"

#1 Comment By BushDoctor On 06/29/2019 @ 11:17 am

Peppers are usually self pollinating and even indoors without insects (Like my peppers) they will still bear fruit.

If it is just the flowers, then they will grow back. They produce many more than they need, and it could indicate that the temperatures, or humidity is off, feeding is too high, or they are being watered too much/not enough. I know this doesn’t narrow anything down yet.

If it is more than the flower, and the actual stem, then you may be looking at something far worse.

I’m not sure if you mean stem, or you are just talking about the flowers and referring to them as “stems” but flower drop is normal under certain conditions. Stem drop is not.

This article will give you an in depth look at more reasons that this can happen: [1]

#2 Comment By Florise_Garden On 06/29/2019 @ 11:38 am

Hi BushDoctor,

Unfortunately I don’t just mean the flowers, but the ‘stem’ that the flower grows from. I’ll send you a photo! I’m afraid that the plants won’t produce anymore. For a few of them it’s been over two weeks and no new growth :'(

I think it’s either poor pollination or temperature, but I may not have a singe pepper this summer!

#3 Comment By Florise_Garden On 06/29/2019 @ 11:42 am

Hi, just realized I don’t think I can send photos …. but if you click on the link and see the photo attached, the “stem” I’m talking about is the small green piece that the flower is growing from. AKA my plant has no more of these!


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