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How to take care roses on pot?

I live in an apartment and I want a pot of mini roses inside my home. unfortunately, it doesn’t last longer. Is there anyways that you can help me how to preserve a mini rose?

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#1 Comment By roseman On 07/09/2017 @ 10:11 am

Make sure you have them located where they get good sun light exposure, not needed to have direct sunlight and sometimes better not to. Use a moisture meter to check soils moisture as overwatering is the biggest killer of them. Make sure the pot they are in is both big enough and has drainage holes. When watering the rosebush, never allow the mini roses to sit in the drainage pan full of water for more than 45 minutes. The marketing folks love to have too small pots packed with several many rose plants, many times 5 to 6 of them! As when in bloom they truly look magnificent! However in no time they compete with each other in the too small pots an then start dieing. When I buy such pots of mini roses I split them up and plant no more than 3 of the mini rosebushes in an 8 to 10 inch diameter pot. Again be sure the pots have drainage holes in them. In this way I can have three pots of roses sometimes depending on how many mini roses the marketers decided to have planted in those too small pots. Water the rosebushes into their new pots with some water that has both a product called Super Thrive and some root stimulator or plant starter solution in it. This will help them deal with any transplant shock and get the root systems going well. You can also put them all under a grow light that is set on a timer so that they get plenty of good light per day.

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