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How do I keep my plant from dying?

My spider plant is wilting and turning from a beautiful green to a yellow spotted dying mess. It’s in the house away from the cold and drafts. It’s not over watered. It gets both filtered light and electric light. The soil probably isn’t the best but it looked (plant) great until I brought it in a week ago. Can you help us? Please.

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#1 Comment By Heather On 11/18/2013 @ 3:13 pm

If you just brought it in, then it is suffering from transplant shock. While you did not transplant it, you did rapidly change its enviroment, which sent the plant into shock. These are pretty hardy plants and it should recover, though may look a little haggard for awhile.

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#2 Comment By theficuswrangler On 12/01/2013 @ 2:48 am

When you say a yellow spotted dying mess, do you mean a few of the leaves, or the majority of the plant? If only a few of the leaves, it’s probably a reaction to the radical reduction of light between outdoors and indoors. Put it into a spot where it will get as much light as possible, and don’t water too much. The soil should get to the damp stage between waterings – if you squeeze some soil between your fingers, it will stick together, but fall apart easily if you touch it. This video tells you more about testing the soil [3]

I think it would take more than a week for the whole plant to turn yellow from light reduction – are you sure that the temperature didn’t go down before you brought it in? If that’s the case, the only thing to do is light and water as suggested above, cut off the dead stuff, and hope for the best. They are tough little buggers – if it can make it, it will.

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