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I have a bag of 34-0-0 that someone have me open on my front porch. An area of moisture has come from around it that has a slightly ammonia smell. What do I do?

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#1 Comment By drtreelove On 06/10/2018 @ 11:26 pm

Consider asking your local fire department to inspect it and determine exact product and safety issues and advise on storage or disposal. 34-0-0 is Ammonium nitrate, which besides fertilizer use, is also used in explosives. (remember Timothy McVeigh, Okalahoma City Fed building bombing)

If you decide to use it for fertilizer, keep it dry, maybe put it in a plastic box with a lid. Use it very conservatively. It is a quick release, high nitrogen, high salt index product and can burn your grass or shrubs if applied too heavily.

It is either pure Ammonium nitrate 34-0-0,
or Pennington All Purpose Nitrogen Fertilizer 34-0-0 :
10% Ammoniacal Nitrogen (Ammonium Sulfate)
24% Urea Nitrogen

Know what your working with and use according to directions. Or give it away to somebody who has use for it.

Quick release fertilizers make nitrogen available immediately for rapid greening, they can burn and can cause growth too quickly that can actually weaken your lawn in the long run. Slow release fertilizer provides nitrogen over a period of time and a steady rate, and are less likely to cause burn and can improve the overall health of your lawn.

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