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Caladium as Office Plant

I bought a caladium. . . I believe it’s called a white caladium, as the leaves are a very light green. I brought it to my office and placed it a couple of yards away from the windows. The windows face east, so the blinds are usually closed in the morning because of the direct sunlight. My caladium has started to droop. Some of the leaves have turned a tan color and are just laying there. I live in NC in Zone 7. I don’t have a green thumb. It is (was) such a beautiful specimen when I brought it in to the office. Should I take it home and try planting it in a shaded area? I’m afraid it’s going to ‘meet its maker’ if I leave it in the office as I would prefer to do. Help!

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#1 Comment By AnnsGreeneHaus On 08/25/2013 @ 9:56 am

I completely understand your wanting to use a caladium indoors, they can be the most beautiful plant. However, some plants just will not adapt to an inside location. Just as a peach tree won’t produce fruit without major adaptations to an indoor environment, caladiums won’t thrive. Sometimes it’s easier to substitute a similar leaf shape or color. In this case, I would suggest the plant, “White Butterfly”, with an arrowhead shaped, almost white leaf. It will need a lot of morning sun, and filtered afternoon sun through windows. The caladium is telling you that it isn’t getting enough light by drooping, and that the air isn’t humid for it’s preferences. IMO, the kindest thing you can do is take it home, leave it in the container, or plant in a bed where it can get morning sun and afternoon shade. It may take 2-4 weeks to recover, it certainly will perish if left inside.

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