1. Weeds

Asked by Anonymous - April 27, 2014

As both my partner and I are disabled, and although we are not in wheelchairs, we are very limited as to what we are able to do. Hence, I could weep as to the state the garden is in. Most especially the weeds that grow through our block paving. We have tried various shop bought weed killers, and have even tried to use a blow torch. All to no avail. Can anyone tell us what we can do to rectify this problem?


2. Need to Get Rid of a Fast Growing Ground Cover

Asked by Anonymous - April 28, 2014

Last year this green low covering plant showed up in my garden and took over fast. It is bright green, very healthy looking and does not have a deep root system. I can just scrape it up. Its not really a succulent but more of a broad-leaf type. It’s very low to the ground and multiplies like crazy. This year did not see signs of it, and then all of the sudden it’s here again; I’m afraid to spray it because I don’t want to kill the vegetables. My question is, how do I get rid of it?


3. Will MSMA Kill Poa Grass

Asked by Anonymous - May 1, 2014

Will MSMA control poa grass?


4. Soil

Asked by Anonymous - May 2, 2014

Do I use Round-up weed killer before or after I till my garden? Have lots of ground cover growth. Thanks.


5. How Close to Spray Grass Killer to Plants

Asked by Anonymous - May 6, 2014

How close to living plants can you spray grass killer and not cause them harm?

  • Well you don’t want it to be close enough to touch the plants for sure. One way to alleviate this is to create a shield with cardboard that you can place in front of your plants to keep the grass/weed killer from getting onto them.

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