1. Squash Plants

Asked by Anonymous - June 4, 2011

My squash plants look great so far this season but they have grown so tall and top heavy, with huge leaves, that they are falling over and breaking off at the base. I lost two last night during a rain storm. What’s wrong and how do I correct the problem?


2. Squash

Asked by Anonymous - June 5, 2011

This is my first time to grow summer squash. I have a bunch of female flowers on my plant. They have been there for about 4 days. They do not seem to be growing. What should I do for them, as the plant itself looks very healthy?


3. Squash Bulb Collapse

Asked by Anonymous - June 7, 2011

I have a small garden in middle Georgia. The squash was producing well until the bulb forming off the flowers started collapsing. Instead of filling out, they have collapsed and began rotting. What can I do?

4. Marrows

Asked by Anonymous - June 7, 2011

My marrows are turning yellow at end of young fruit.

5. Why Are My Sqaush Plant Leaves Turning Gray?

Asked by cassienwade - June 9, 2011

My sqaush plant leaves are turning gray and it’s producing fruit, but it is turning gray too.


6. Squash Going Soft at a Couple of Inches

Asked by Anonymous - June 9, 2011

Almost all my squash and zuchinni get about 2 inches long and then begin to wrinkle and get soft at the blossom end. They do not grow any bigger.

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