1. Frost Bitten Sago Palm

Asked by Anonymous - February 28, 2011

Due to the extreme cold winter here in Houston, many of my sago palms have turned brown. Should I trim the dead fronds off in hopes the plant is still alive, and will come back?


2. Sago Palms After Freezing

Asked by Anonymous - March 1, 2011

I live in LA and my sagos went through a freeze. Is there any help for them? Should I prune and hope new ones will grow?


3. My Sago Palm Has No New Growth on One of the Stalks.Is It Dead,or Will It Po

Asked by Mark Wood - March 4, 2011

My sago palm has no new growth on one of it’s stalks. Is that stalk dead or will it possibly come back?


4. Sago Palms

Asked by dickstout - March 4, 2011

I purchased two sago palms in 6 inch containers. Lowes had a lot of them that had frozen (I am in Alaska). I found two that had good green still so i brought them home transplanted one and left the other in its pot. I left for a few days but placed them on my window sill. It was 40 below while I was gone and I think that cold permeated the window onto the leaves. When i returned all the leaves where yellowing. I placed the plants in my living room under a grow light and have tried to keep them alive. Two branches all together died while the others have some green and some brown in varies places on the leaves. What should i do? I want to return them to their brillance but I am worried that i may have killed them and I am just prolonging the inevitable. The books say two different things one says cut away dieing others say dont cut.

  • The lost leaves will not regrow, but as long as they are alive, they can regrow from the top. Remove any brown or yellow leaves as these are dead and will not recover. Other than that, they will need TLC

    At this point, they are in bad shape and will take alot of time to recover. If you are up to putting that time into them, they will eventually come back.

5. Sago Palm Trimming

Asked by DFitzhugh - March 5, 2011

A sago palm was subjected to freezing weather, below 20 degrees. All of the foliage has turned yellow. Should I trim all of the yellow stalks off and leave only the trunk?


6. I Have a Sago That Has Grown Way Too Big for the Area

Asked by cteaston - March 6, 2011

I have an overgrown sago that I’m not really keen on digging up and transplanting it. Can I cut it off at the base? I realize it would probably have more than one crown, but would it kill it? It’s a foundation plant at my entryway.  I just scrolled down and found my answer, sorry. I guess the answer is that it would probably kill it.


7. Sago Palm Burn

Asked by Anonymous - March 6, 2011

We have two Sago Palms in our front yard that are a few years old. This winter has been unusally cold (Inverness, Florida) and they have ‘burned’ from the cold. One is totally a golden yellow and the other one is partially yellowed. This never happened before, so I didn’t think to cover them at night. Are they totally dead, or can they come back to life with proper care, whatever that may be?

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