1. Do Sago Pups Need to Be Removed Even if You Are Not Transplanting?

Asked by Vernie - January 11, 2012

Do sago pups need to be removed even if you are not transplanting?


2. Sago Palm

Asked by fjs1124@aol.com - February 16, 2012

How to remove mealy bugs, and what type of soil should I use?


3. Sago Palm Female

Asked by aoholendt - February 26, 2012

My sago is about 17 years old. She has her crown for fertilization, but there are no other male plants around for her to flower. She had not thrown new fronds–I think because of her crown, which is still in place. Should I remove this, how do I do this or what is the proper thing to do?

  • The flower will eventually die back and the plant will resume normal growth. You can remove it sooner simply by cutting away the flower stalk. This can be difficult if the flower has already opened and it may just be easier to wait.

4. Sago Palm Fronds Tips Are Brown/Yellow

Asked by cosborne - February 29, 2012

I have had my sago for several years and this year the fronds are brown and yellow on ends mostly on bottom area. Some are turning yellow. The very end of a couple of fronds are curling up closer to the top.


5. How to Transfer a Sago Palm

Asked by almavicky6 - March 8, 2012

It’s a huge palm, about 5 feet tall. I live in Saint Augustine, Florida.


6. Should “Baby” Sago Palms Be Left Inside the House in a Pottery Container?

Asked by beautylady125 - March 19, 2012

I just purchased two small infant sago palms. I intend for these to be transplanted in my backyard once they get up to size, but my fear is that insects will destroy them while they are so young. What should I do to make sure they flourish and thrive?

  • I would go ahead and plant them outside. Plants are less likely to suffer from shock when transplanted at a younger age. If they grow up more in the house and then are moved outside, the rapid change in environment has a higher chance of killing them the older they are.

    If you are concerned about pests, I would start a regular schedual of spraying until they are older. I personally like neem oil as it is both a pesticide and a fungicide and is safe for people, pets and beneficial bug. You can apply it about once every 1-2 months during spring and summer.

7. Sago Palm Got Frost Bite

Asked by buster - March 19, 2012

My sago palm got frost bite this winter. Should I trim it back or just wait? The ball is still green and looks like new shoots are forming.

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