1. Rosemary Plant Problem

Asked by Anonymous - September 24, 2011

The needles in the middle area of some of the sprigs have turned brown and are dying, I think. What to do? The plant is in a wooden planter about 15 inches deep and 12 inches across and in potting soil.


2. Fertilize a Rosemary Bush

Asked by Anonymous - October 2, 2011

What type of fertilizer do you use on a rosemary bush and when is the best time to fertilize?

  • I would not use fertilizer on rosemary (or most herbs). The reason being that fertilizer will cause rapid growth and the plant cannot keep up with producing the chemicals that create the flavor at the same rate as the growth. It results in a less flavorful leaf on the plant which means a poorer quality herb for cooking.

3. Rosemary Care and Pruning

Asked by WilliamSibleyJr - October 29, 2011

I have two established Rosemary plants planted in ground near pond. I realize after viewing your web site I have watered too, too much. How should I go about trimming back the growth that looks dead. I will turn off drip system to plants for now. Zone is central Arizona.


4. Rosemary Variety for Zones 6-7

Asked by Anonymous - January 20, 2012

I would like to know what variety of rosemary grows best in Zones 6 and 7. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  • Any of the following should be suitable: Arp rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis ‘Arp’), Dutch Mill rosemary (R. officinalis ‘Dutch Mill’), Madalene Hill rosemary (R. officinalis ‘Madalene Hill’), Nancy Howard rosemary (R. officinalis var. albiflorus ‘Nancy Howard’)

5. Why Is My Rosemary Bush Turning Brown?

Asked by ddaniel17us - January 21, 2012

The needles or rosemary is turning brown all over. I have been very careful not to overwater and it has plenty of sunlight.


6. Rosemary Plant

Asked by suzalah - February 1, 2012

I live in Olympia, WA and have a thick, lush little (16″) Rosemary plant shaped into a Christmas tree for the holidays. It has been outside on a patio all days except when under freezing. It is now browning from the inside out. This is my 4th attempt to keep this type of plant going and I just cannot seem to let them live. Any suggestions?

7. Dying Rosemary Plant

Asked by suzalah - February 2, 2012

From what I read abut Rosemary plants, even the hearty Christmas variety: there are no symptoms for death by overwatering. My little (16″) tree has been wintering on a 3 sided porch mostly and in the house when temps below freezing. The inside leaves are drying out and dying. Is there any help or is it too late for this lovely little creation? I am in the Pacific Northwest and we just wrapped up a snow and ice storm. We are usually more temperate, but things they are a changing! I mentioned earlier that this is the 4th time I have attempted to maintain this Christmas plant as long as possible.     Perhaps it is more like Poinsettia – just for the holiday and pretty much seasonal unless you live in Florida. Right?

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