1. Christmas Rosemary Tree

Asked by Anonymous - January 25, 2011

I buy a beautiful indoor rosemary tree every holiday, but they always seem to die in my hands. I live in an apartment with a large balcony window, east-facing, so I don’t get a lot of sun. I try not to water too much and want to repot to a new pot, but everyday the poor plant gets more dry. Is there any chance of saving it before it’s too late?


2. Disease on Rosemary Plant

Asked by Anonymous - February 2, 2011

The small rosemary tree that I bought in December is dying off. It was in a tiny plastic pot, so I repotted it in a nice terracotta pot. I noticed a growth on the stems and branches resembling little brown knobby bits. Do I need to spray it with something?


3. Brown Areas on Rosemary

Asked by Anonymous - February 10, 2011

My rosemary topiaries that are in pots on the front porch of my home in southern Dallas County were actually beginning to bloom, when suddenly these brown areas began to appear. These areas in question are not dry and brittle, yet they continue to grow in size. Do you know what could be causing this?

  • Could you give us a little more information about your rosemary topiary?Where are the brown spots? Within the topiary? Bottom? On the tips?
    And how old/young is the rosemary?

    Above answer by: CaptainAng

4. Cutting Back Rosemary and Lavender

Asked by Anonymous - February 14, 2011

I have several ‘bushes’ of rosemary in several gardens. The plants have become very bushy over the last few years. I really like the plant in the different beds. How can I cut it back without killing it? How far should I cut it back?

I also have a very large bush of lavender. Can I cut it back? If so, how far back?

5. Getting Rid of Overgrown Rosemary Bush

Asked by Anonymous - March 3, 2011

I have rosemary at my new house that the previous owner put in, and right now there are hundreds of bees.  I have two boys (ages 3 and 6) and they wont go outside! It is in a “U-shape” and takes up the whole ground cover area. I would like to get rid of the bush completely but it is so viney. Is there anything I can put on the plant to kill it, and how should I remove the shrub?

  • Cut the plant down and then when there is only a stump left, paint the fresh cuts with Round-up concentrate to kill the root system. You may have to re-cut the stump and paint again with the Round-up a few times to completely kill the roots.

6. Rosemary Plant Turning Brown

Asked by Anonymous - March 5, 2011

We were given a rosemary plant about 9 inches tall in a pot. One side has turned brown and is dead-looking, while the rest of the plant looks fine and healthy. We keep it indoors (New Hampshire winter) in a window and water it only when the soil seems dry. What is a likely cause of the dying, and what can we do about it?


7. Top Dressing

Asked by Anonymous - March 27, 2011

Would dead, black Rosemary leaves be suitable as a soil improver on a flower border?

  • You can use them, but it will take a few months before they break down enough to improve the soil. You may want to just put them into a compost bin and wait for them to breakdown there before adding them to the soil.

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