1. Unwanted Poplar Trees

Asked by Anonymous - May 5, 2011

I have many large poplar trees growing, which is fine; however, the small shoots are spouting up everywhere. I cannot contain them. I know they shoot off suckers but my garden is being taken over and I don’t know what to do! The shoots under ground are very strong and difficult to pull out, not to mention ruining the dirt around my other plants. Please help!


2. Tree Sap

Asked by Anonymous - May 24, 2011

Both my poplar trees are losing sap and one of the branches is dead. What can I use to stop the sap from leaking?

3. Poplar Tree Roots

Asked by Anonymous - June 11, 2011

How do you kill the roots of a poplar tree that was cut down about a month ago in which the stump is still there? The roots are growing fine and sending up shoots.


4. Lightning Damage

Asked by nextstage55 - August 13, 2011

We have a very large tulip poplar, which was very healthy before lightning struck it last week. The lightning strike started at a knot in the tree where a branch had been pruned years ago. The lightning damage then ran down the large trunk of the tree to the ground from the knot, leaving about a 3-4 inch strip of removed bark and exposing the internal part of the tree. The trunk of the tree is about 4-5 feet in circumference. Will this tree heal itself? Is there anything special in the way of treatment that we need to do to help it survive?

  • It should be able to survive. Keep an eye on the wound, but do not seal it. Sealing it can trap disease into the wound. Treat the wound with a fungicide every could of months to help keep out rot and keep a sharp eye out for insects. If you see insect activity in the wound, treat it immediately. Over time, the tree will heal the wound, though there may be a scar.

5. Hybrid Poplars

Asked by Anonymous - September 4, 2011

I want to know how you can start poplar trees from prunings. I have tried cutting a limb and putting it in water with root stimulator with no results. The water goes sour and the tree does nothing. I have had good results with willows, but can’t seem to get the poplar to take.


6. Branches Dying

Asked by Anonymous - April 7, 2012

I think the branches are dying on my poplar tree.


7. Dying Trees

Asked by Anonymous - May 25, 2012

I have an number of trees, Poplar, Aspen and Pine, that are dying in one particular area of my property. I have noticed a large number of ant hills and trees that have ants in their cores. Is it possible that the ants are killing these trees?

  • It sounds like you may have a fungus on the trees that are killing them. You can treat the trees with a fungicide, but it sounds like the fungus is pretty far progressed. You may want to bring a tree expert in to look at the trees and see if they have additional suggestions.

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