1. Fertilizing Tangerines and Lemon Trees

Asked by Anonymous - March 10, 2011

When and what kind of fertilizer should I use for citrus fruit trees and a pomegranate tree?

2. Pomegranate Trees

Asked by Anonymous - April 22, 2011

I live in Zone 7 in Alabama. I would like to grow a pomegranate tree. Would a pomegranate tree grow outside in this zone?

  • It can in the warmer parts of Zone 7. It is hardy to 5F, so if you do not get temps lower than that, you should be fine, though given that this is the very edge of their hardiness, I would recommend providing a little extra protection in the winter.

3. What Causes the Blossoms of Pomegranate to Fall Off

Asked by slvrslpr - May 5, 2011

What causes the blossoms of pomegranate to fall off?


4. New Fruit Tree

Asked by Anonymous - May 12, 2011

I am wondering what my best choices would be for a new fruit tree for my yard. I live in Las Vegas. I think a good size for my yard would be about 10 to 15 foot high by 5 to 10 feet wide. It is an area of good all day sun. I am interested in the tree for its addition to the look of the area, possible shade, near a pool (so not too messy), possibly some benefit to the birds, and somewhat drought hardy. I thought of Pomegranate, but do not know if that’s what would be good for my location.


5. Pomegranate Tree

Asked by Anonymous - June 10, 2011

Why do the flowers fall off a pomegranate tree?


6. Pomegranate Trees

Asked by Anonymous - June 13, 2011

I am growing two pomegranate trees in large containers. They are the dwarf variety. I get large orange flowers where the fruit is supposed to grow but the flowers fall off and no fruit grows. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Also, the leaves are starting to turn a sort of copper color but are not falling off. Do they need a special kind of food? How often should I water these trees? I live in MT and bring the trees in the house in the winter.

  • This can usually be attributed to poor pollination. Both flowers and fruiting will not take place. Not all blossoms will produce fruit, but you can help encourage fruit production. Take a soft small paintbrush and brush the stamens of open blossoms from bloom to bloom.

    They need regular weekly watering, saturating thoroughly (make sure there is good drainage). If temps climb above 80, you’ll need to water every day.

7. Possible Problem With Pomegranate Tree

Asked by Anonymous - September 11, 2011

I live in a Mediterranean type climate (Central Valley, California- really hot (100+) and dry, no rain from June to Sept or Oct). I also have clay soil. When we planted the pomegranate tree, the soil was not amended (we disagreed and he won). Could the clay soil be the reason the leaves are curling? They curl about a month after leafing out and stay that way all season. There is no evidence of pests or disease and this year (3 yrs after planting) the tree would have knocked itself over with fruit if I hadn’t thinned it. I don’t know what the fruit tastes like yet. Should we be worried? If we need to amend the soil, how does one do that around a tree with an obviously good root system already?

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