1. When to Spray Peach Trees

Asked by hotdog - October 5, 2011

How do I know when to spray peach trees and with what? We live in NW Ohio.


2. Peach Tree Not Growing Fruit

Asked by Anonymous - October 5, 2011

I recently moved into a home that has 2 pear trees and a small orchard of peach trees. Neither type of fruit trees are growing fruit. What can I do to bring on the fruit? They are adult trees, by the way.


3. Peach Leaf Curl

Asked by Anonymous - October 5, 2011

I need to know how and when to treat Peach Leaf Curl. I have a Dwarf Saturn Peach Tree. Is it ok to keep it in a container?

  • Peach tree leaf curl is a common fungal disease among these fruit trees. Prevention is the best form of attack against the disease, however. Once your tree has developed leaf curl, it is difficult to save your peach harvest. Unfortunately, fungicide will not kill this disease. Prune off diseased portions of the tree and try to thin out the number of peaches you have on the tree. Also clean up any debris that may have fallen. In late fall, you can treat with a fixed copper fungicide to try and prevent the re-occurrence of the disease.

    Leaving it in its container will not effect the tree.

4. Peach Losing Leaves

Asked by jlb1943 - October 19, 2011

I planted a July Elberta peach tree about one month ago in our backyard. It had a lot of leaves with a healthy root ball. I hand water it about twice a week. It has recently lost almost all of its leaves. Why is this?


5. Pruning Peach Trees

Asked by Anonymous - October 20, 2011

I have 3 peach trees in my backyard and only one produced very well this year. Should I prune the branches for a better crop next year, or should they be pruned at all?

  • Do not prune these trees following the harvest. However, they do require annual pruning to help maintain shape, size, and overall health. The best time to prune is in February once the danger of frost has passed but before any fruit has begun blooming. Improper pruning will reduce yield and fruit quality.

    Cut out all dead, broken, diseased branches. Remove old wood as well as crossing or rubbing branches. Aim for a funnel-like shape with fruiting branches about 1 foot apart over the top of the tree. Thinning is another way to encourage better fruiting. This article will help with that: http://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/fruits/peach/peach-tree-thinning.htm

6. When to Dormant Spray My Peach Trees

Asked by cornpatchguy - October 25, 2011

I’ve been told both ways, spray a dormant oil spray on my peach trees within the next few weeks.   Also, not to use a dormant oil spray till next spring before it buds.

  • Dormant sprays should actually be started in winter. Use dormant sprays before green tissue shows in spring buds. Use on days when the air temperature is above freezing. Use a Superior Oil spray for the first dormant spray application in mid- to late winter. Three weeks later make a second application of Superior Oil or Liquid Lime Sulfur.

    When spraying trees to control peach borer pests, choose those with lindane endosufan or chlorpyrifos. Sprays should be mixed according to label instructions. They should also be applied so that it runs down the trunk and soaks into the ground around the base. Try not to spray on foliage or any fruit that may still be on the tree. The best time to spray trees for borers is within the first or second week of July and again in late August or September.

7. First Year Growing Peach Trees (Zone 4)

Asked by cornpatchguy - October 26, 2011

I want to first say thank you for the info on dormant spray on new peach trees yesterday. These two trees might be 3-year nursery stock. Not sure how fast they grow, but they’re a little over 6 ft. tall and branches everywhere. What I don’t understand is none of the existing branches produced any growth, only produced all new branches with lots of new leaves. I don’t know if this common for newly planted peach trees from a nursery. I hope this doesn’t happen every year, seems to me it would never get any bigger or produce fruit. What are you suppose to do with the original branches that never produced anything? I have not mentioned anything to the nursery so far. Can you post pictures of your plants in question here?

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