1. Peach Disease

Asked by Anonymous - June 4, 2011

On my peaches there is a clear jell on them. What is this? What should I do, and will they be edible?


2. Peach Buds Fall Off

Asked by Anonymous - June 4, 2011

My one year old peach buds fall off, out of 18 buds I have one. A few leaves are yellow too. What is wrong?


3. Peach Tree Brown Rot

Asked by Anonymous - June 4, 2011

We have five Peach trees – Three Southern and Two Californian species. One of the southern species has Brown Rot? The fruit is abundant and about two weeks from harvesting time. We have cut off as much of the damaged fruit and twigs as possible. Also, some of the leaves are withered and falling. What causes this? We thought it may be due to the increased amount of rain. We do not spray the trees. The other four trees are still in the green stage. No evidence of damage yet. What do you advise? We have collected about 70 lbs of damaged fruit. Any help would be much appreciated.


4. What Is Wrong With My Peach Tree?

Asked by rblankenship - June 5, 2011

The leaves are crinkling up with red color.


5. Peaches Oozing

Asked by Anonymous - June 6, 2011

We are experiencing an ‘ooze’ from our peaches growing on the tree. It seems to be a clear sticky substance. I don’t think it affects the fruit, except for the looks. Can I spray or do anything for the problem?


6. Peach Trees-Fruit Falling Early

Asked by Anonymous - June 8, 2011

The peaches on my peach tree are falling to the ground before they ripen. How can I prevent/stop this?

7. Need Help to Save My Peach Tree (11 Years Old)

Asked by vtchen - June 9, 2011

We moved our donut peach two years ago but pruned too much, some almost 1 inch diameter. Last year two branches died, and this year all four major branches died—-no leaves, has one small new branch in the end, with some holes in the big branch close to the trunk. Is this brown rot? How do I save the tree? We still got some peaches this year. I checked the web, there are holes on the branches, and it may be the peach tree borer. Your help will be very much appreciated. Victor

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