1. Is My Fruitless Mulberry Tree Dead?

Asked by llundin - April 24, 2012

We have two fruitless mulberry trees one in the front yard and one in the back. They have blossomed out a few times but never gotten any leaves. Any suggestions on what I might need to do?


2. Fruitless Mulberry

Asked by dougsharida - April 30, 2012

Our fruitless mulberry (2 years old) had green leaves a week ago and now are black. We are not sure what has happened to it. Please advise on what we can do.

  • Did you have a frost in your area? New leaves on trees are very susceptible to frost and a frost can kill the leaves, but leave the tree healthy. The day after the frost, the leaves may have appeared fine and the damage, such as brown or blackened leaves, may not appear until 1-2 days later.

    Another possibility is that the tree got overspray from a weedkiller. If someone was spraying something like Round-Up on a windy day, the spray could have drifted to the tree and may have cause leaf die off like that.

    In both cases, the leaves should regrow without a problem.

3. Fruitless Mulberry

Asked by skybird - May 4, 2012

Our mulberry tree leaves are turning yellow, than shriveling up, weirdly. A number of the yellow leaves are falling off but the shriveled ones are not. It started on one side of the tree and is spreading across the canopy. The tree gets plenty of water. I really don’t want to lose our tree. Anyone know what is wrong?

  • It may be pests like aphids or it could be a fungus. Both can cause these symptoms. Treat the tree with neem oil. Neem oil treats both pests and fungus, so which ever it is, it will take care of it. Get up as high as you can get it. It is systemic, so will be absorbed by the tree and will help protect the whole tree.

4. Leaves on Fruitless Mulberry

Asked by skeetfw - May 19, 2012

Some of the leaves on my fruitless mulberry are curling up and drying out and falling on the ground. It is not happening to the whole tree just some of the branches. Any ideas? This just started a day or two ago. The leaves are not turning yellow


5. How to Keep a Mulberry Tree From Producing Fruit

Asked by cauthejc - May 30, 2012

While the tree is providing shade, the berries are messy. The flies are awful and I am constantly cleaning up the mulberries.

  • I think what you have is a mulberry tree. It can be tricky to keep them from fruiting. There is no DIY method, but you can have a tree specialist come out and spray the tree with a sterilizing spray. It has to be done yearly, and typically the tree will still produce some fruit. It is just the amount will be greatly reduced.

6. Fruitless Mulberry Leaves

Asked by Anonymous - August 4, 2012

Why would the tip of the leaves on a fruitless mulberry turn brown?


7. Premature Dropping of Leaves on Well-Established Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - August 18, 2012

After a very abundant fruiting and beautiful large green leaves from April/May on, our long well-established mulberry tree is now suffering (starting early Aug. ) with massive leaf loss, and remaining leaves are looking wilted and brown, shortly due to fall also I fear! We live in southwest France and have not had much rain but other mulberry trees nearby show no sign of problems of leaf loss so early. There are vertical cracks in the trunk, but they have been present for years only opening up as the tree has grown. HELP! What can we do?

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