1. Fruitless Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - May 5, 2011

I live Delta, Utah and I would like to know if the fruitless Mulberry tree will survive in Delta? My parents had them in Tucson, Arizona and we loved them. Fast growing and large leaves, which made it easy to clean up. We want to plant some trees at the church building for shade. If the fruitless Mulberry will not work, would you have a recommendation on what tree to plant?

  • The answer to your question is yes. These trees can be grown in your area. In fact, did you know that Mulberry trees represent a distinct phase of Utah’s history? The silk industry, which started in Utah during the 1860s and continued in some places for decades, relied on mulberry leaves as food for the silk worms.

2. Leaves on Fruitless Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - May 8, 2011

This is a second year tree. As leaves come out, edges are curled and whitish, and the tree does not seem to be doing as good as it did the first year. You think it is not enough water? I do have it in the middle of a lawn.

  • Did you fertilize your lawn recently? Sometimes lawn fertilizer can be too much for a tree and the roots get burned, particularly if the ground was dry when the fertilizer was applied. This can cause the type of leaf damage you describe. Additional water will help it, if this is the case.

3. Do Mulberry Trees Grow in Manitoba?

Asked by hkrahn - May 17, 2011

I grew up in the south where we had mulberry trees, and I loved the fruit and the jam we made with it. Do they grow in Manitoba and where could I buy them?


4. Trees

Asked by Anonymous - May 23, 2011

I recently transplanted a weeping mulberry tree. It does not appear to be doing well. Others in the neighborhood are lush and green. Mine has not changed much at all. The leaves are small and green (as of transplant time) but do not seem to be getting any bigger. Is mine just in shock or dying?


5. Corkscrew Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - June 8, 2011

We have a corkscrew fruitless mulberry tree that has been growing well for the last five years. This year the tree sprouted leaves as normal, but now the leaves are curling up and falling off the tree leaving behind bare branches. The leaves do not have black spots nor do they turn yellow. Any idea what is affecting our tree? The tree is about eight feet tall with a trunk of 12 inches in circumference.

  • Did the leaves turn yellow before the fell? If so, your tree may be suffering from iron deficiency. Adding iron to the soil and using a foliar spray may help. Unfortunately, if that’s not the case, most mulberry diseases prove fatal.

6. Sterilizing a Fruitful Mulberry Tree

Asked by shirley74 - July 13, 2011

I live in a mobile home park and removing the tree is out of the question. The tree is 30 years old. When the berries fall, it makes my small yard unusable for a few months and causes stains in my carport and driveway and sometimes gets on people shoes and gets carried indoors. Is there something I can do about this situation, or do I just have to live with it?


7. Weeping Mulberry Tree

Asked by Anonymous - July 22, 2011

The growth at the top of my weeping mulberry tree is growing upwards instead of weeping. Why is that?

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