1. Tiny Yellow Lemons Are Falling Off

Asked by karensueann - April 18, 2012

This tree is planted in Houston, TX (several years, no fruit) and now has small green lemons growing on almost every branch but there are tiny yellow ones falling off. What is causing this? I got my first full grown lemon that fell off the bottom this week and is delicious but will the other nickel, quarter size green ones grow? Over the years they never have fully developed until that one the other day. Some leaves are “curling” and die, is that a fungus?

  • It sounds like your tree is not getting enough water so it is aborting fruit to try to help reduce the amount of water it needs. Increase water to the tree and this should help stop the fruit drop and leaf drop.

    I will warn you that when you initially increase water, you may see increased leaf and fruit drop for a few days after. This is a citrus tree’s natural reaction to getting enough water after lacking enough. It is an odd way for a tree to react but is normal in citrus trees.

2. What Kind of Liquid Fertilizer Shoud I Use on Lemon Trees

Asked by rmkloth - April 20, 2012

Have lemon trees in 10 gallon pots. Granule fertilizer did not do too good so am looking for liquid fertilizer. What would you recomend, and where can I buy it?



3. Sooty Mold and Citrus Whitefly Problem

Asked by EmilyRose - April 24, 2012

What are the best natural solutions for a citrus whitefly infestation and sooty mold all over the leaves (due to the citrus fly, I know) on my lemon tree? What is an alternative to using Liquid Gold Copper for the sooty mold, which I can’t get a hold of here in Argentina?


4. My Lemon Tree

Asked by Marion37 - April 28, 2012

My indoor/outdoor lemon tree is sticky and has broken leaves. And does not look heathy.

5. How Do I Plant a Lemon Tree in Ground? It Will Be in a Sunny Area

Asked by Holisticgal - May 11, 2012

Only material I have right now is the ground soil.


6. Can You Help Me Plant My Lemon Plant Tree?

Asked by Holisticgal - May 11, 2012

The only material I have is the ground soil, what else will I need to get an organic lemon tree?


7. What’s Wrong With My Lemon Tree?

Asked by aliceyang2002 - May 12, 2012

My lemon tree had lots of flowers in early spring, but they dropped off shortly after. I started using 0-10-10 last month, still no fruit.

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