1. Depth of Planting

Asked by Anonymous - February 27, 2011

How deep do I plant hollyhock seeds? And how far apart?


2. Growing Hollyhocks From Bulbs

Asked by Anonymous - March 30, 2011

The article didn’t address planting hollyhock bulbs. Is there any difference?

  • Hollyhocks do not grow from bulbs. Hollyhocks are often treated as biennials, but they are actually short-lived perennials with string-like root systems. They are typically grown from seeds (sown outdoors during spring or summer) or from established plants. They really don’t like to be transplanted, however, so sowing them directly in the garden works best. Many will even self-sow, depending on your climate.

3. Planting Hollyhock Roots

Asked by Anonymous - April 10, 2011

I bought a bag of five mixed hollyhock roots at Walmart. The pictures on the package demonstrated how to plant them but don’t look like mine, which are kind of carrot shaped. My question is, which way is up? Do you plant them pointy tip side up or down?


4. What Happened to My Hollyhock

Asked by shelly - April 12, 2011

I have a small garden close to the house with onions-radishes-spinach and lettuce. In the middle a few hollyhocks were about 9 inches high from last year and I went out yesterday and they had been eaten to the quick. What animal or pest would of done that?
They took the whole plant to the woody root. Thank you – Shelly


5. Dwarf Hollyhocks Will Not Bloom

Asked by Anonymous - April 17, 2011

We planted dwarf hollyhocks last spring. They are full and dark green, but have not yet produced one flower. What could the problem be?


6. Hollyhock Discoloration

Asked by jo - April 29, 2011

How do I prevent the leaves from losing pigment? Already they are blotchy and different shades of green. It happens every year. Is this a serious disease? Thanks.


7. Hollyhocks

Asked by Anonymous - May 9, 2011

I have been tryng to grow hollyhocks from seeds and despite the length of time (about a month) and the loving care, they are only an inch tall. Something has eaten all the leaves off some, leaving me with only a few babies to hopefully grow. Do you have any suggestions for my problem?

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