1. Black Leaf Spot on Standard Holly

Asked by Anonymous - April 8, 2011

Please can you advise me on what to use for this leaf problem? I have only had this standard holly bush for five weeks. Should I move it to a more sheltered place in the garden, as it’s only on a pot? Should I remove all the leaves that have the black leaf spot? Any information would be most welcome.

2. Holly Bushes

Asked by Anonymous - April 10, 2011

During this past winter, we had so much snow on the ground for a long period of time that the resident deer population took up close to my son’s house and ate nearly all the lower greenery off of a large Holly tree in the front yard. The tree is about 8 feet tall but I’m not sure what type it is. At this point it looks like it may be dying at the top where there are still some leaves. What should we do? Is there any way to prune it back, or should we wait and let nature have a chance?

3. Holly Disease/ Bug Infection

Asked by FIREBIRD - April 11, 2011

Hi. We have a 15m, 3-year old Holly Hedge that is vibrant and growing well but recently most of leaves appear dirty, as a layer of dark, sticky dust. This is only on the surface as you can wash off with water from leaf. Could this be white fly? If so, what do you recommend as a treatment?


4. My Holly Tree Is Dying

Asked by Anonymous - April 12, 2011

I purchased an 8-foot Holly tree last fall and it was beautiful. I planted it on a clay slope and the ball of the plant was exposed. A couple of months ago,  I was concerned this would cause problems, so I boxed it in with drainage rocks and shrub soil. Within the last month I have noticed the tree is turning a yellowish tint on the outside and the leaves inside the tree are brown and falling off. Do you know why this would occur?

5. Holly Bush Removal

Asked by Anonymous - April 13, 2011

We have cut our holly bushes down to the stumps and would like them removed. We are having a terrible time, as they are so close to the house. Thought you may have a way to kill or perhaps some removal tips.

  • I would recommend using a sawzall. They have enough power to get into the thick stump and, because they have a replaceable blade, you can even cut into the roots in the dirt and cut through them as well.

    Any fresh cuts on parts of the stump left in the ground, paint with concentrated Round-Up. This will kill what is left and keeps it from growing back.

6. Holly Scorch

Asked by Anonymous - April 13, 2011

I have a holly bush, about 15 years old. I pruned it last year and this year it started out beautifully, even better than the year before, with lots of green foliage and red berries. Then around late March,  we had rain and weather in the high 30’s, after 50-60 degree weather. Now the leaves are all brownish yellow and look dry, almost dead. Would this be what you consider holly scorch? There was a snippet of info about this condition on your site. Is there anything I can do to bring it back?

  • It does sound like holly scorch. The plants should recover on their own, now that the weather has improved. Give them a good dose of fertilizer to help them get back to full health. The leaves should regrow on the damaged areas.

7. Sad Holly Bush

Asked by Anonymous - April 14, 2011

I moved into my townhouse a year ago, and the only plant in the ‘backyard’ is a very sad holly bush. The spot it is in is pretty sunny (shady in the mornings only). What would you recommend in order to nurse this bush back to health? And what kinds of plants/flowers are ideal to plant in the surrounding area?

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