1. Desert Rose – No Flowers

Asked by Anonymous - March 16, 2011

We received a desert rose plant for Christmas and to this date it has not flowered. Can you give us a reason why? It’s kept in a big enough pot and at the end of our pergola. A friend suggested putting it in full sun, but it has completely flopped over in the pot since doing that.


2. Desert Rose

Asked by Anonymous - April 14, 2011

Does the desert rose plant grow well in the ground?

  • Desert rose prefers growing in warm conditions, so it is only well suited for growing outdoors in warmer tropical and subtropical regions. Otherwise, it is best to grow the plant in containers. Select an area with full sun.

3. Desert Rose Seed Pod

Asked by Anonymous - August 31, 2011

My desert rose is about 3 yrs. old from when I first purchased it. It had 2 seed pods that have recently burst open. Can I start new plants from the seedlings?

4. Transplanting the Seedlings

Asked by Anonymous - September 11, 2011

My husband and I starting desert rose seeds. we put three seeds in each section of an egg carton. They have come up in each section. Our questions is, should we leave them as a group of three seedlings when we transplant them into bigger seedling pots, or should we only put one seedling in a pot? We have more seeds, should we try and save them for a later date?

  • If they have developed their true leaves, you can go ahead and separate and transplant them into their own pots. You can save the seeds. Place them in a cool (but not cold) place and they will last for awhile until you are ready to plant more.

5. Desert Rose Propagaton From Seed

Asked by Anonymous - October 1, 2011

I learned from your website about planting from seed but don’t know how to harvest the seeds. My 5 year old (gorgeous) plant has created two seed pods. Do I let the pods get dry and harvest (chance to lose some)? Since they will be ‘fresh’ I can have pots ready to plant the seeds directly instead of drying them but my question is: how do I harvest seeds and when?


6. Desert Rose Seed Pods

Asked by al dodd - October 2, 2011

I have a desert rose with two long seed pods. When the seed pod dries and I get the seed out, how long should I wait before planting and are there any special things I should know?
Thanks, Al Dodd


7. Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

Asked by Anonymous - November 18, 2011

In your information about how to propagate this plant from cuttings, you did not specify the location of the planted cutting. That is, in direct sunlight or away from direct sunlight, etc.

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