1. White/Yellow Scaley Appearance on Cucumber Foliage

Asked by brenda - July 12, 2011

I have a raised bed garden. I’ve noticed white/yellow scaley areas on a few of the leaves. What might this be?


2. Cucumber Bitterness

Asked by Anonymous - July 15, 2011

I have heard that after you peel a cucumber or that when you handle them, like when slicing, they become bitter. The more you handle them, the more bitter they become. Is this true?


3. Yellow Cucumbers

Asked by sdebow - July 16, 2011

My cucumbers are not turning green; they are staying white, then yellow. You mentioned a yellow cucumber may have a deficiency.

  • Are they in full sun? They are sun lovers. Only other answer I can think of is that there are white cucumbers available. Could be a packaging error if you bought what was labeled as regular green ones. Have you tasted any of them while in the white stage? Might be worth a try.

  • I answered this but it didn’t show up. Do you have them planted in full sun? They require it. The only other answer I can come up with is that there IS indeed a white cucumber. If you purchased regular green cucumber seed, this could be a labeling error. Have you tried eating one while it is in the white stage? You may be pleasantly surprised?

4. Cucumbers Dying Too Soon

Asked by RETCOOK - July 18, 2011

I moved my cucumbers to a different part of the garden this year as part of my 3 years rotation and they are dying too soon. Once the plant vines were about 2 to 3 feet long, the leaves started to get yellow spots and drying out. Even with enough watering. At one point it was only at the base of the plant for the longest time and now it’s making its way to the flower tip of the 8 to 9 foot vines. There is about 3 feet of nice green vine left for each plant, but I feel they will soon die too. Can I savage what I have left? I know there is a disease like this. Please help! I have harvested about 65 to 75 cucumbers so far. The ones now on the vines are yellowing prematurely too fast. Not even big enough for harvest. I am growing “Burpless” this year instead of Marketmores. I never had this problem with Marketmores.


5. Small Yellow Burpless Cucumbers

Asked by Anonymous - July 18, 2011

We have always had success in planting cucumbers in our garden, harvesting several a day in the summer. We live in NJ. However, this year our cucumbers are not growing. We have tons of yellow flowers, the leaves look healthy, but the only cucumbers we are getting are small (pickle size) and already yellow and bitter. It has been abnormally hot here this past month; however, we do have an in-ground sprinkler system that waters the garden every other day. Any idea what is happening?


6. Cucumbers and Their Plants Turning Yellow

Asked by Anonymous - July 22, 2011

How do you know if your cucumber plant has a virus or it’s just overwatered? It is the only plant in the garden that is yellow and all of the cucumbers are half developed and yellow. When picked and cut open, they seem almost gassy. A lot of the vines look to be dead, but at the end have green growth starting. What could it be?

7. Infertile Cucumbers

Asked by Anonymous - July 22, 2011

We grew 2 varieties of cukes last summer and had a huge harvest. This year we had many volunteers come up. I put up trellises and let them grow. They have spade-shaped leaves and vigorous vines and are now producing white flowers- but no sign of any fruit. Is it possible that an infertile hybrid was created?

  • It’s possible, but your problem may actually be a lack of pollinators for your blooms. You can do that yourself with a small paint brush. For successful veggie growth, do try to include some plants in and around your garden that draw bees, hummers and other pollinators.

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