1. Crepe Myrtle Trees That WON’T Bloom

Asked by jimmythewarrior - July 28, 2012

I am in central NC where crepe myrtle trees grow very common, but I seem to have 2 trees in our yard that WON’T BLOOM. One of them is 2 years old the other about 4 years old. There are other crepe myrtle trees within 10-20 feet of the 2 that won’t bloom that are blooming beautifully. Can anyone explain this? Is there such a thing as ones of the other sex that don’t bloom? Do I need to get rid of these I have and find ones that are blooming before I buy them?? PLEASE help! :)


2. Why Are the Leaves on Our Crepe Myrtle Turning Yellow and Falling Off?

Asked by Hoover015 - July 28, 2012

We have 6 of the myrtles (3 on each side of the driveway), not all the same variety. We have noticed a curious “sap” falling on the cars this year that we have never had before. Now the leaves on some are yellowing and falling off. What could be causing this?


3. Leaves Drying and Falling Off

Asked by Anonymous - July 30, 2012

I have several crepe myrtle bushes and one tree. The tree is blooming beautifully with deep green leaves. The bushes are only blooming partially and the leaves are turning yellow and falling off. It has been VERY hot with little or no rain, but we do have a sprinkler system that runs several times a week. Do not see any bugs. Can it be the heat that is bothering them? The tree is next to the house and better protected.

  • Yes, it is likely heat/drought stress. It would be better to water the plants via a soaker hose or drip irrigation rather than a sprinkler system, as the latter will not penetrate the ground like the other two methods. In fact, more water is actually lost through evaporation and/or run-off with overhead sprinklers. If you can up the water, this should help.

4. Why Crepe Myrtle Leaves Turning Yellow?

Asked by Jeb - July 30, 2012

Newly planted crepe myrtle is flowering but lower leaves are turning yellow. Is this due to water needed or too much water? Or is it typical of this time of year?


5. Our Crepe Myrtle Bark Is Whitish Spots, Losing Leaves and Dropping Sap.

Asked by Kenly - July 31, 2012

For 15+ years, our two crepe myrtles by the driveway have been just gorgeous, but a couple of months ago, I noticed some whitish spots all over the bark. Then, we began noticing the stickiness on the driveway. The leaves are few and it looks like BOTH trees are dying. I don’t notice the whitish spots as much now. We live in DFW, Texas, so it IS hot! We would certainly appreciate ANY ideas as to what you think might be wrong with them.


6. Planting Crepe Myrtle Trees in a Planter

Asked by Anonymous - July 31, 2012

What size planter/pot do you plant a crepe myrtle tree?


7. Crepe Myrtle Not Blooming

Asked by candy1 - August 1, 2012

What has happened? Leaves on trees but no blooms.

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