1. Suckers

Asked by Anonymous - June 7, 2011

Can we put anything on the base of our crabapple tree suckers? We try to cut them away, but we can’t seem to keep up.


2. Suckers From a Crabapple Tree

Asked by Anonymous - June 15, 2011

I cut down a flowering crabapple tree last year, and this year I have suckers showing up all over my lawn. What can I do to stop this? From what I can find out, Sucker Stopper RTU is not available in Ontario, Canada where I live.

  • Undiluted Round-Up will help kill the roots. You will need to wound the roots (normally, people cut the suckers down and use those wounds) and then paint the undiluted Round-Up on the wounds. The bigger or more wounds you paint, the better. The roots will suck the Round-Up in and it will kill them. You may have to repeat the process a few times to fully kill the roots if the root system is still strong.

3. Cedar Apple Rust on a Flowering Crabapple

Asked by Anonymous - September 6, 2011

I hope you can help me. I have a pink flowering crabapple that I planted this past spring and it has recently developed cedar apple rust. I am currently treating it by spraying it with a fungicide. I can’t remove the source of infection as it must be from a neighbor. My question is – is there some type of a preventative or treatment that I can apply at the root level? If the tree gets much bigger, I am not going to be able to spray the highest leaves as I am not going to be able to reach them. Please help!!

4. Crabapple Tree

Asked by Anonymous - September 13, 2011

I received last spring a 5 inch Crabapple. I was not sure where to plant this tree, so I planted it in a large pot. Now that it’s fall, I’m unsure what to do with the tree. It is now about 3 feet tall, but I know that I’m not supposed to plant it in the group until spring. What should I do with the tree for the winter? I live in the state of Illinois -Zone 5, I believe.

  • These crab apple tree’s grow wild in the woods here in southern England and is of a wild Apple that is very hardy.The little fella I purchased 2 yrs. ago went straight in the ground and stood out proud in the snow and wind.However you’r crabapple is in a container,so what I would do if it were me,would be to cover the whole lower section with sacking and the shrub with fleece.

    Above answer by: greenfinger dan

5. Bark Removed From Tree

Asked by jamielorena79@yahoo.ca - March 30, 2012

My dog has ripped the bark off my crabapple tree. What is the best remedy? I do have to put chicken wire around the limbs and base or the dog will keep eating away at it. What should be directly on the tree to save it? Thank you.

6. How to Rid Sucker Type Growths in Lawn

Asked by dmdaley - April 29, 2012

My crab apple tree is sending shoots up all over my lawn. I love the tree but need to do something about these shoots. In the past they have just been cut down with the lawn mower, is there another way to stop them from sprouting up all over the place?

  • This did not answer my question. The sprouts I have growing in my yard are from the roots of a live tree. I don’t want to hurt the live tree, just stop the shoots from growing in the lawn. The main tree is a crab apple and the gardening store said this is normal but can not tell me how to stop these shoots from popping up, mostly about a foot out from the tree itself. I need help……

    Above answer by: dmdaley
  • Simply cutting the sucker off at the ground and painting the fresh cut with undiluted Glyphosphate (Round-up) will cause the roots to suck the herbicide into its local root system and kills the local roots (not entire tree), no need to dig them up. If by chance it does try to regrow, just repeat the process as the sucker roots will have been weakened.

    Trees tend to put up more suckers when they are more stressed. The less stressed the tree feels, the less suckers you will have.

7. Getting Rid of Flowering Crab Tree Suckers

Asked by clbarnes53 - June 20, 2013

We have a beautiful flowering crab tree but are tired of always having to cut off the suckers in our flowerbed and around the tree that grow constantly and are ruining the look of the tree. How can we stop the suckers from growing around our tree?

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