1. Propagating Clematis

Asked by Anonymous - June 14, 2011

I just planted a new clematis and a child stepped on it and snapped the vine near the base. I brought the vine inside and put it in water. It perked back up (flowers did not make it), but I am wondering if it will sprout roots in water or should I put it in soil to propagate it. Also, should I pull out the stem and roots still in the soil or will they re-grow?


2. Clematis Plant

Asked by margurett - June 15, 2011

I have a clematis plant. It has round fuzzy things on it (new to garden) and no flowers. What is the problem, and what kind of fertilizer do I need?

  • The round fuzzy things are the seed pods. You may have missed the flowers, as they would have been there before the seed pods. Sometimes this is easy to do if the plant only has a few flowers. The leaves can hide the flowers.

    They like a balanced fertilizer, but an occasional shot of phosphorous – like through bone meal – is also helpful to their flowering.

3. What Is a Good Homemade Fertilizer for Clematis?

Asked by surfgirl127 - June 19, 2011

My clematis is brown in spots. I’ve used traditional store bought fertilizers with no help. They did produce one flower early in the spring and nothing since then.


4. What Causes Clematis to Get Yellow Leaves

Asked by ethel - June 19, 2011

What causes clematis to get yellow leaves?


5. Pests Eating Crape Myrtle and Clematis

Asked by Anonymous - July 3, 2011

I’m hoping you can answer a couple questions. First, I live in east Tennessee and have something eating on my crape myrtle leaves. They almost look like a piece of screen where they are eaten so bad. It’s not all of them, but just a few towards the top of the plant, which is about 3′ high. Second thing is I have a small clematis I planted about a month ago. It is approximately a foot high and has something eating small holes in the leaves. I tried the snail and slug bait that you sprinke on the ground. I also sprayed it with Orthenex and even Sevin. It still seems something is chewing on it. Any advice would be appreciated.

6. Leaves Turning Brown on Clematis

Asked by toothfairy0808 - July 4, 2011

I have a white clematis that I planted last year. It had beautiful white “mum” style flowers and then the vine turned brown and crunchy, dry looking. What is it, and should I cut it down to the ground? Or do something else with it?

  • If the stems are dead, you can cut them away. Clematis stems can be quite fragile, so it is possible that a stiff wind broke the stem lower down on the plant. Only cut away what is brown and brittle. Leave anything that is still green and pliable as this is still alive and will regrow.

7. Start Clematis From Cuttings

Asked by lhouse - July 9, 2011

How to start clematis from cuttings?

  • Take cuttings, strip leaves from an inch or so, dip in rooting hormone (0.3 percent) and plant in well-draining soil. Mist cuttings. Takes about 21 days or so to root. You don’t say where you live but I would keep in filtered shade to root making sure they do not get too dry.

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