1. Fig Tree Planting

Asked by Anonymous - April 2, 2011

I had always heard that fig trees need their roots restricted in order to fruit well. None of the sites recommend this, so has the thinking changed? I am afraid that if I plant my brown turkey cutting (now a small plant in a pot), without any root restriction, I will get a lot of leaf and no fruit. What is your view?

  • I actually have heard this, but I do not know if it is the truth or just a myth. Regardless, with a cutting, you will be waiting at least 2-3 years (maybe up to 5) before seeing fruit, no matter what size of the pot. I would not worry about restricting the roots until it reaches maturity and is old enough to fruit. Give it room now to develop a healthy root system and get a good start.

2. Deer Resistance

Asked by Anonymous - April 20, 2011

I want to plant two Black Mission figs and one Brown Turkey fig somewhat out in the open, where it may be hard to fence in if deer decide that they love the taste of fig leaves. Are figs, in general, deer resistant? We all know that deer will eat almost everything but some things they leave alone. I’m hoping figs are one of them.


3. Brown Turkey Fig Bushes in Zone 5

Asked by Anonymous - April 27, 2011

If some type of protection in winter is necessary,  what type? If not, Brown Turkey in my growing zone, could you perhaps suggest another type?

  • Brown Turkey figs can survive in Zone 5, but you will need to mulch the base very well, plant it in a sheltered location (such as next to a wall or building) and expect that it will die back to the ground every year.

    Other more cold tolerant figs include Chicago Fig and Celeste Fig.

4. Brown Turkey Fig

Asked by Anonymous - May 19, 2011

We have a new brown turkey fig still in its pot from the growers. I have noticed tiny little bugs, which are leaving little white things on the leaves. I am wondering if insecticidal soap will take care of these pests.


5. Turkey Fig Tree

Asked by Anonymous - May 22, 2011

We planted a 3 foot fig tree in the garden and the wind made it fall over. I took the stake out thinking it would be alright. I guess I was wrong. How deep should we plant the tree, and do we need to stake it for awhile?


6. We Have a Turkey Fig Tree That Seems Like It’s Dying

Asked by masonbee - June 3, 2011

Our poor Turkey fig tree that has done well in past years but seems to be having a serious problem. The last 6″ to 12″ of each branch is dead. Although other fig trees in the neighborhood are leafing nicely, ours is struggling with a very few and small leaf buds. The tree is about 5 years old. We live in Portland, OR. The winters are sometimes cold with a dozen below-freezing days and a 1/2 dozen snow days, though this weather has not mattered in the past.

  • It sounds like a fungus, though I am not certain which one. I would recommend treating the plant with a fungicide. That should take care of the fungus. It will take a few weeks for the plant to recover and you will likely not get fruit from it this year.

7. Leathery Fig Fruit (Dry)

Asked by Anonymous - June 16, 2011

The past two years my Brown Turkey fig has produced plenty of fruit. It stays on the branch and ripens. However, the fruit is dry. No moisture inside. The tree is in a container, but I believe that the roots have grown through the bottom and are now in the ground. It sits on the groung in the yard. In the past the tree provided wonderful fruit. I realize I probably need to get it in the ground, but due to being an older lady, I’ve not been able to dig the hole, or have anyone dig for me. Is there anything I can do to salvage my crop this year? It is loaded, and I would certainly like to have them ripen and be good.

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