1. Boston Fern

Asked by Anonymous - October 19, 2011

I have a Boston fern that I purchased at a retail store. It was small. I kept it on my porch during the summer and now it is huge. I live in a small apartment and don’t have room for it. I would like to keep it so I can put on my porch again next year. Can I cut it back, and if so, how should I store over the winter? Will the garage be ok?

  • You can put a Boston fern into dormancy. If you reduce the light and cut back watering, it will go dormant. Storing in the garage will be fine provided it does not get too cold (below 45-50 F). Remember to water the plant about once a month while it is dormant.

2. Boston Fern Issue

Asked by Anonymous - October 25, 2011

I’ve been given a large fern that has been neglected, which means that the ends of the fronds are brown. Should I cut it all the way back to re-start all new growth?


3. Overwintering Boston Ferns

Asked by Anonymous - October 28, 2011

I have 11 Boston Ferns that I hang outside during the summer; however, I do not have room in my house to keep them over the winter. I had read somewhere that people used to overwinter ferns under the house. Do you have any suggestions as I hate to allow all of these plants to die.

  • You can try putting the plants into dormancy. Place the plants in a cool area, such as a garage, basement or, if there is a crawlspace, under the house. The plants will appear to die back but still water them about once a month. When the weather warms up, take tham out, place them somewhere warm and resume regular watering. They should regrow quickly.

4. How Cold Tolerate Are Outdoor Boston Ferns and Mums

Asked by cutcliffp - November 1, 2011

How cold tolerant are outdoor Boston ferns and mums?

  • I live in southern Ontario and have both Boston ferns and mums in my garden. Both have survivied several winters. In late Fall I remove all the growth from the ferns. I snip all the dead blooms from the mums.

    Above answer by: Cheyenne

5. What Makes Boston Ferns More Green When They Fade?

Asked by sharon english - January 20, 2012

What makes Boston ferns more green when they fade?


6. Boston Fern

Asked by bradusafboy26 - February 16, 2012

I recently inherited a Boston fern and I think it might have been neglected a bit. The leaves look a little burnt from possibly a slight southern frost and not watered properly. Is it ok to cut it back rather short and start over? If so, will it grow back? What to do?


7. Boston Ferns

Asked by dawniey5 - March 2, 2012

I recently had to be gone for a while and the person caring for my plants didn’t water them enough. I have several brown/dead leaves on my fern. Do I pluck them off? Or allow them to fall of naturally? It is a rather large fern, and does not seem to be happy in its current placement, so I am also moving it. But I am moving it to a corner near a window, so how often should the plant be turned to allow it to get adequate light all the way around?

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