1. Too Much Foliage, No Blossoms on Bell Pepper Plants

Asked by Anonymous - August 5, 2011

My bell pepper plants have grown lush foliage all season, but they are producing very few blossoms, and hence, little fruit. What could be the problem? We live in Zone 5/6 (central Ohio, urban area), and it’s been very hot this summer, but we’re getting plenty of rain.


2. Pepper Fruit Has Brown Spot

Asked by Anonymous - August 8, 2011

Bell pepper plants healthy looking but fruit has brown spot. Can you help me?


3. Red and Orange Bell Peppers

Asked by Anonymous - August 9, 2011

We planted red and orange bell peppers this year for the first time. They are getting large and not yet turning red and orange. If we pick them when they’re still green, will they still ripen if we set them in the window where they get sun?


4. How Do I Cure Black Spots on My Bell Peppers

Asked by mattmayakis - August 13, 2011

My bell peppers all have black spots on the fruits. The peppers seem to have thin walls and poor fruit shape as well. The spots become holes in the peppers and the seeds are few in the damaged fruits. I have side dressed the plants with coffee grounds recently and am starting to get stronger peppers, but I would like to make sure I take care of this permanantly. I just saw some birds leave my pepper patch which might explain what happens to the exposed seeds of my bell peppers.

  • It sounds like your issues are starting with sunscald. This is a common issue with peppers. It creates a thin brittle patch on the fruit, which is easily damaged and then start to rot (which is the black spots). Sunscald is caused by too much direct sunlight on the fruit. Try providing some shade for your peppers with either a shade made of an opaque material (like a sheet) or with an umbrella. This should help stave off the sunscald and help keep the other issues at bay.

5. Rotten Bell Peppers

Asked by elliemae - August 14, 2011

My bell peppers are getting rotten before they ripe. How can I prevent this?


6. Brown Areas on Green Bell Peppers

Asked by Anonymous - September 1, 2011

My green bell peppers, that are almost to the size to be picked, have developed brown areas on the top surface that cover about 25% of the area. The plant is in a large pot on the east side of the house and receives sun until around 3:00 PM. Is this too much sun, or is it something else?


7. Bell Pepper Plants

Asked by Anonymous - September 5, 2011

My bell peppers are covered with a clear sticky substance, also tiny white (almost clear) spots. The leaves seem to be affected also, but not as much as the actual peppers. I’m in southwest Arizona. I have destroyed the plants this year, but wonder if there is something I could do to prevent this again.

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