1. Azaleas – Revitalizing

Asked by Anonymous - July 16, 2011

PLEASE HELP! My Empress azaleas have turned brown. I see new green leaves on some of the shrubs, but I am trying desparately to save the others. I am watering them every day. They are planted right in front of my house below my windows. They get full sun most of the day. They were planted in April or May of this year.

2. Azalea Tree

Asked by Anonymous - July 17, 2011

I have a tree about 12 inches high with a braided trunk. The leaves have become brittle. Can I promote new leaf growth or is it too late? I was away on vacation for two weeks and I thought my son was going to be watering, but I think he watered it before I came home only!

  • Don’t give up yet! Keep watering as you normally do. Don’t get carried away and do more damage by overwatering though. The brittle leaves will fall off, but may be replaced with new growth. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

3. Flies on Azalea Bushes

Asked by Anonymous - July 19, 2011

At my home I have several azalea bushes that are probably as old as the house itself (40-50). They have always been healthy and never had any problems. A few years ago they started to get lace bugs and had them for several years in a row. I treated the azaleas with an insecticide and the shrubs were fine. Last year I noticed what seemed to be common houseflies, which are slightly green in color, on one or two of the azalea bushes. This year I have a full blown infestation of every single one of my azalea bushes. Are these flies doing any damage to the plant, as I do not see any damage as of yet. Is this something I should be concerned about or something that is just a nuisance more than anything?


4. Thinning Azalea

Asked by Anonymous - July 26, 2011

I have several azaleas along the front of my house, all planted from pots at the same time about twelve years ago. A few years later we planted a Bradford pear tree in the front yard to provide shade on the house in the afternoon hours. Now the bushes get filtered sun until the sun drops low enough below the tree, which alows late afternoon sun to reach the bushes. Two years ago we had a severe drought here in NC and I was careful to make sure that they recieved enough water. The problem started before the drought though. At one point all the bushes were so thick that it was almost impossible to see through them, but in the last two to three years two of the bushes seem to have stopped growing and are extremely bare to the point that it is very easy too see through them. I have tried azalea food and basic fertilizer, like 10-10-10, to no avail. What gives? Any help would be appreciated.


5. My Azaleas Turn Black

Asked by nolan - July 31, 2011

Why would my azaleas turn black?

6. Azalea Problem

Asked by azaleachuck - August 1, 2011

I planted 20 Azaleas last Labor Day. Winter was very cold in Atlanta area. Spring saw three plants with brown stems that expanded to the entire plant. They died. Now some of the other plants are showing signs of the same problem. Brown leaves, brown stems, and tips of other leaves brown. Help!


7. Azalea Problem

Asked by Anonymous - August 1, 2011

I’m not sure of the problem I have with a bunch of azaleas. The top of the leaves get a whitish cast, then they become reddish brown. The underside of the leaves have small black spots, but I don’t see bugs, just spots. The leaves eventually turn brown, losing their green color. Is this mildew, or lace bugs, or a third issue? I’m just not sure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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