1. What Diameter Pot Do You Suggest for an Angel Trumpet Plant?

Asked by kjbishop7 - April 17, 2011

What diameter pot do you suggest for an Angel Trumpet plant?

  • It depends on the size. I have mine in a 20″ diameter pot and it stays about 3 1/2 feet tall. If I were to put it in a larger pot it would grow bigger (which would make it harder to bring in and out).

    The more important thing to consider would be if you can keep it well watered. They are water hogs. If you can water more often, you can use a smaller container. If you can only water once a day or so in summer, use a larger container.

2. What Is Eating the Leaves of My Angel Trumpets?

Asked by rubysmokey1 - May 5, 2011

I have a fuzzy brown caterpillar with black and yellow stripes eating the leaves of my Angel Trumpet plant. What is it? Good bug or bad?


3. Angel Trumpet

Asked by tomato queen - June 4, 2011

Can an angel trumpet be divided for more plants?


4. Angel Trumpet Plant

Asked by Anonymous - June 5, 2011

Can I keep my Angel Trumpet plants on an unheated closed in porch over the winter? I live in Ohio, Zone 5?

5. Yellow Leaves on Angel’s Trumpets

Asked by football - July 20, 2011

They are in full sun and heat has been extreme here.

6. How Do I Care for a Trumpet Tree

Asked by kawika - August 7, 2011

My angel’s trumpet tree is drastically losing its leaves and branches are dying off. How do I bring it back to health?

7. Angel Trumpet Blooms Fall Off

Asked by Anonymous - October 11, 2011

My angel trumpet gets loads of blooms on it but they fall off before they flower. What is wrong?

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